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Wildlife and Our Community

The Animal Hospital of West Port St. Lucie is passionate about all animals.  Since 2007 we have worked with our community to ensure that all wildlife is safe and healthy.  When Animal Control has trapped an animal, or comes across a litter of orphaned babies, we do our best to foster and care for them and release them into a safe habitat.  Throughout the years, we have provided vaccinations, deworming, spaying, neutering and wound care to many of our beautiful creatures.  We have had the opportunity to heal ducks, racoons, opossums, tortoises and many more types of local wildlife.


A litter of raccoon babies.  This litter was brought in by Animal Control.  Two of the babies had small wounds which were tended to and were healed.  We located a temporary home for these little creatures to ensure they stay healthy until they could be transferred to the raccoon sanctuary.


A 70 lb. African Sulcata tortoise.  This tortoise was brought in by Animal Control.  We were thrilled to locate a tortoise sanctuary for her where she will thrive and roam with 200 of her brothers and sisters on over 50 acres.


A litter of opossums.  This litter of adorable opossums was orphaned.  Animal Control transported them to our clinic where they were raised together.  We tended to them and nurtured them until they were ready to be released


Bite the Duck came to us severely dehydrated and overheated.  He had multiple puncture wounds likely due to a hawk or other large bird.  At the end of the day, he was as good as new and sent home with his family.


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