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Protecting Your Pets

Taking care of your pets is a full time job.  After all, your pets are not just any animal, they are a part of your family.  Caring for your pets goes beyond feeding, walking and playing, caring for you pets includes protecting your pets from harmful diseases.  The doctors and staff at Animal Hospital of West Port St. Lucie care about the health of your pets.  We are here to provide your pet with comprehensive veterinary services and to help educate you with the care of your pets to ensure that your four legged family members are safe and healthy.


Heartworm is a serious disease which can be potentially fatal for pets.  Heartworm disease affects dogs, cats, ferrets and other mammals including foxes, coyotes.  Heartworms can live in the heart and lungs of affected pets which can cause heart failure, lung disease or damage to other organs.  
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Hookworms are intestinal parasites which are similar to tapeworms and roundworms.  These horrifying parasites live in the digestive system of your dog or cat and attach to the lining of the intestinal wall.  Hookworms feed on your dog’s blood which can cause internal blood loss.  Keep your pets healthy and educate yourself.


The most common form of parasitic worms found inside a cat or dog are roundworms.  Roundworms are so common that nearly all cats and dogs become infected with them during their lifetime.  Roundworm live in the intestines of an infected pet and infestation may go unnoticed as most pets do not show any signs of infection.  


The medical term for tapeworm infestation is Cestodiasis.  Tapeworms are long, flat worms that typically settle in the small intestines of pets such as dogs, puppies, and cats.  They are long, flat worms that attach themselves to the intestines.  

Xylitol & Your Pet

Xylitol, a sugar alcohol which is used as a sugar substitute in many human foods may be harmless to most humans but for dogs, Xylitol is poisoning.  Xylitol can cause a rapid and massive insulin release in dogs.  Pets with Xylitol poisoning will show signs of weakness, staggering and vomiting.  If your pet is not treated promptly, liver failure or unconsciousness can occur.
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Finding out that your pet has fleas is enough to make anyone itchy.  No matter how careful you may be, fleas are sharp little critters and can get into your home and on your pet.  As proactive as you may be with flea prevention all it takes is a few fleas to get set up to start an infestation.  Don’t flee from your pets, Get Flea Savvy >

Ferrets & Adrenal Disease

Adrenal disease, also known as hyperadrenocorticism is a disorder which affects the adrenal glands in ferrets.  Adrenal disorders most commonly occur when a ferret has an over production of hormones caused by an underlying condition or disease, such as a tumor or lesion on the adrenal gland.  Most cases of adrenal disease are very treatable.
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Bufo Toad

Keep a close eye on your pets while outdoors.  While most dogs and cats are very curious, if they encounter a Bufo toad, look out!  Bufo toads are poisonous and can be fatal for dogs and cats.  Bufo toads can be found everywhere, keep your pets safe and Educate Yourself on Bufo Toad Poisoning >

Hurricane Information

Hurricane safety is important for all Floridians.  When planning for a hurricane, make sure to include plans for your furry family members!

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